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    How is it that your savings are guaranteed?

    As an expert in negotiations I use effective negotiation methods developed and verified over the years. I can share them with you and your team in a structured and comprehensible manner. Knowledge recall after my workshops in 2015th was rated by participants at 9,5 out of 10 on average. The approach and techniques I teach in negotiations pertain to long term savings and help reach agreements smoothly, not only in the business context. Simply speaking, this is financially rewarding. It will help you shield yourself or your company from losing money.

    About the negotiator

    Experience: business negotiations since the year 2000.

    negocjacje w biznesieHere are some of the negotiation successes and challenges of 2015th:

    1. In the first quarter I saved my clients as much as 476 thousand PLN (about 150 thousand USD). Neat stuff!
    2. I coached the Polish representation in the International Business Negotiation Championships – WNR 2015. I taught methods and principles of negotiations through exercises which strengthen the fundamentals and develop team tactics.

    3. By invitation, I held lectures and workshops on business negotiation at the Warsaw University as well as the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Students rated knowledge recall after my performance at 9,5 out of 10 on average. The content value was rated at 9 out of 10. These are very important indicators and I always aim for high participant ratings, because they resemble my effectiveness as a trainer and lecturer of negotiations. In the IV quarter of 2015th I also held lectures at the Warsaw School of Economics.

    4. . Check out my blog on business negotiations, which is also a knowledge platform on negotiation basics and methods of sales. Amongst others, you will find an article there on ten principles of real estate price negotiations. Furthermore, there are many articles on negotiation basics, analyzes of negotiation principles with numerous real life examples and a list of negotiation techniques.

    5. I have begun to collect materials for a book on negotiations.

    6. The total value of projects which I led for my clients over the past two months peaks at 7,45 million PLN (approximately 1,85 million USD).

    7. I have successfully received a CIPN Certified International Professional Negotiator certificate from the American Certification Institute. In Poland there is only a handful of people distinguished with this merit. The CIPN indicates that the holder is qualified to lead negotiations in an international environment at the highest professional level.

    Certified International Professional Negotiator


    How did I learn business negotiations?

    My academic background:

    Studies in economic and commercial law (includes elements of negotiations, rhetoric and persuasion) at the Faculty of Law gave me a solid fundament. Postgraduate studies for managers (with elements of business negotiations) at the Warsaw School of Economics and presently Psychology in Business at the Leon Koźmiński Academy are a mindful complement of my negotiation fundaments. A major input into my development consists of lectures which I hold at universities such as UW, WSE, MCU. Also, being a trainer of negotiations gives me an additional overview of the subject. The fundament of my negotiation skills and competencies lies in constant and systematic development.

    How did I become a business negotiator?

    Practice through training and negotiation exercises interlined with cutting edge theory are absolutely crucial:

    I combine experience and professionalism drawn from a multigenerational business. I am a board member of a multidepartment and stable Company for over ten years now. The company I represent has thrived on the market since 1977. I practice commercial negotiations since 2000. Business negotiations are my greatest passion. They are what I do every day. The evidence for my effectiveness is a near 100% of satisfied clients and high savings. Savings are guaranteed.


    How to be an effective business negotiator?

    I am grateful you are reading these words. Take a minute to relax. It’s simple. You want to save money, keep as much of them for the company you represent or for yourself. You will achieve this faster through cooperation with me, a committed negotiator. We can cooperate in various ways. I guarantee that you will have savings – it’s simple, I am effective. What is more, this does not cost you anything. My honorary is covered from the saving I generate for you or by the boosted effectiveness of you and your team. This already is a huge saving in itself. Please find more details in the offer section…
    I operate on quality knowledge and competencies in psychology of sales, sales techniques and negotiations.


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